Susan Shumaker


Susan Shumaker has been teaching dance for 40 years. Her instructional career started while attending JMU where she gained the opportunity to teach peers and the community while simultaneously performing in the JMU Folk and Modern Traveling Dance Troupes. She broke into her professional career by performing in Live Entertainment at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. There her dance partner ‘literally’ swept her off her feet and she and husband Frank dance on to this day.

After Busch she went on to teach at the Loudoun Ballet School in Leesburg as well as perform professionally with the Loudoun Ballet Company for over 16 years. Several side opportunities included working with Children’s Traveling Theater in Loudoun County, Prince William County High School Musical direction, and teaching theater camps.
She not only danced with the Loudoun Ballet Company but directed for them. In overlapping years Susan attained a professional dancer and repetiteur position with the Asaph Dance Ensemble – performing at such venues as Constitutional Hall, the Kennedy Center, and the Capitol (among other locations.)

Susan loves to teach dance for any age and any style. Her background is rich in the various dance forms. Currently she teaches both in Prince William County and Loudoun County – dance for elite gymnasts, line dance for Seniors and technique for growing students. At NVDA she currently instructs students in Jazz, Modern, Ballet, and the younger set for Creative Dance and Pre-ballet.

Her goals in teaching are to share her love and knowledge of movement while enriching lives through the wonderful experience called dance.